T-ara’s Awesome Footwork

Yet another KPop group I’ve come to enjoy lately1 is T-ara (티아라, sounds like “tiara”), but I found this video particularly interesting because it shows them practicing in the dance studio. No alluring costumes, lighting effects, etc. Just them dancing in plain view, and if you watch, that’s some really amazing footwork (complete with a Moonwalk or two):

The song Lovey Dovey is highly addicting, and you can see the finished product here:

Anyway, going back to the original video, it’s just amazing how physically exerting that dance is. You can hear them at the very, very end breathing heavily. Seeing it in the studio like this really makes you appreciate what singers and dancers do to prepare for shows and such.

Also, I wish I was that young again. I get tired just running to the end of the block. ;p

P.S. A good example “from the guys” is Teen Top’s “Crazy“, which has a lot of cool little shuffles that go along with a very catchy song.

1 They’re not my favorite, as I am not too interested in “dance club” type music, but I do love their energy. Also, seeing so much young talent coming up with innovative dances and music makes me glad to get older in a way because it means that the music industry isn’t locked into the same music I listened to 20 years ago.


Author: Doug

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