Big Bang and 2NE1 on Japanese TV

Credit goes to my wife for finding these, but we like to watch Japanese TV on the Internet, and she knows a lot of TV shows I don’t. One show is called しゃべくり007 (shabekuri 007), which is a variety show with a focus on music and comedy. This is a little different than the more famous Japanese TV show “Music Station” which is roughly a modern equivalent to “American Bandstand” in the US. My impression is that しゃべくり007 is a little more cutting-edge and funnier.

Both KPop groups 2NE1 and Big Bang appeared on this show in recent months, and it’s fun to watch them interact with the group in Japanese. For example, among Big Bang, Seungri (his Japanese stage-name was V.I.P.) spoke great Japanese, as did Taeyang (Japanese stage-name SOL), but on the other hand it appears TOP was really shy or doesn’t really speak a word of it. I was surprised that Seungri, Taeyang and Daesung had stage-names like that, since I usually know them by their Korean names.

As for 2NE1, I was really, really proud of CL and Minzy. CL really owned that show, looked totally gorgeous, and spoke great Japanese. Minzy of course is an awesome dancer as usual. I was hoping to see more of Dara and Bom, especially since Bom is such a strong singer, but alas, maybe next time. I was also amused by one Japanese celebrity, Arita Teppei (有田哲平) who’s obviously a big fan. I know how he feels. 🙂

Anyhow, if you like seeing either group, or you like getting more exposure to Japanese-language TV programs, check out these links to Big Bang and 2NE1 (starting around 30:00) on YouKu.



Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

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