KPop Saturdays: Gangnam Style!

This new song and video by the venerable Psy has been quite the talk lately,1 and is hilarious to watch. It’s a bit naughty, but in a very tongue-in-cheek way:

Quite different than the usual Pop music videos.

For clarity, the catch phrase is oppa gangnam style, where oppa (오빠) in Korean is the term girls used to refer to guys (i.e. “older brother”).2 Gangnam district (江南 강남) in Seoul is a high-class, posh district.

The rest is just silly. 🙂 I like the dancing duel in the last 30 seconds myself.

The lovely red-haired girl in the second-half is Hyuna from 4Minute. Her last few songs haven’t been great in my opinion (too racy, not very interesting), but here it’s nice to see her doing something more fun and silly. She did well I thought.

Meanwhile, for you Big Bang fans, if you look real carefully, you can see Daesung (right) and Seungri (left) dressed as old men playing Korean chess on a park bench in the background.

Anyway, now I can’t get the words “Oppa Gangnam Style” out of my head now… :p

P.S. The good folks at Eat Your Kimchi do a good review/parody of this song as well. I highly recommend it. 🙂

P.P.S. The lyrics can be found here with English translation. They’re actually really cute in a way. 🙂

1 It was even mentioned on CNN which was surprising.

2 Boys refer to older guys as hyeong (형) instead.


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