Dog Days of Summer… In Japan

Hi folks,

I am here in Japan. We had a very crazy, stressful day leading up to the trip due to bad luck, plus some lack of preparation, but the flight over was quite good. We flew with ANA this time (they opened a new route to Seattle very recently), and the experience was fantastic. Plus, ANA was also a cheaper flight than the airline we usually fly with.

That morning I happened to catch a photo of the Moon and Venus in a rare transit. Venus is just down and left of the Moon:

Moon and Venus

Apparently this only happens every 23 years. I didn’t know. I was driving to Starbucks in a different city to pick up my daughter’s favorite toy at 5am (she left it there the previous day), but it was really quiet and nice to see this, plus the sunrise.

Anyhow, the ANA flight was long and tiring, but the service and the food were great. Really great. Here’s the lunch menu:

Awesome food on ANA airlines

This was soba, tsukemono and all kinds of good Japanese food. Real Japanese food!

American flights to Japan often serve Americanized-Asian food which is usually not very good. This was a new experience.1

Dinner was Korean bibimbap by the way:

Awesome ANA airline food

Anyhow, Japan is M U G G Y. If you grew up in the American South or other places like that, you are probably used to it. When I was in Vietnam, it was muggy like this, but I adapted by drinking water regularly (I think it made me sweat less and also regulated my body temperature better), but that was 11 years ago. I have lived in cold, drier climates since then (Seattle, Ireland) and only visit Japan in the winter.

One thing that surprised me: cicadas. We don’t have cicadas in the Seattle area because the climate is too cold, dry, so I have never really heard them before. I have heard them on TV, but in person they are loud and they are everywhere! I took this video real quick:

All that hissing in the background are the cicadas in my wife’s family’s neighborhood. You can hear my daughter too calling for me. 🙂

Anyhow, that’s just a quick update. I am fortunate to meet a few blog readers this week (entirely by coincidence), plus some time next week we think we might go to Shin-Okubo to raid the local KPop stores. ;p

Take care and stay cool everyone! It’s 4am here, and I am already sweating again and need another shower.

1 When we lived in Ireland, we flew with Air France, and the food was good too (great french pastries), but the service was sometimes really awful, and sometimes it was pretty good. Not consistent, in other words. Still, I really learned to appreciate French food after living in the EU.


Author: Doug

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