Another Excuse to Argue

I found this comic by XKCD recently and thought it was hilarious:

When I first came to Buddhism in 2005-2006, there were many things I didn’t understand. So, I did what any nerd would do: I looked things up on the Internet. I found some helpful information, but I also found lots and lots of forums, arguments, factions and so on. For example, on one major religion forum, the Buddhism section was divided into different sects of Buddhism, and within each “sect” form, people would argue about mundane things. Sometimes the discussions were civil and useful, but in some sections, people would just trade insults with each other. I got the impression some people had been fighting the same battles for years with each other.

But it’s not just religion. When I started doing language study more seriously, I found the same pattern. People would argue that a certain book on learning Kanji was great, while others would insist it was a waste of money. Again, people were splitting hairs, reviving the same arguments over and over again. It was less about being right, and more about winning (ego).

And political forums?! Just stay away. šŸ˜›

If you have a hobby, just focus on doing it, rather than doing it right. Don’t waste time with arguing with people online. You’ll save a lot of time and frustration too.


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

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