KPop Saturday’s: T-ara’s “Sexy Love”

T-ara is consistently one of my favorite groups and my five year old daughter is a fan of them because she loves the song “Lovey Dovey”. They’re just a really cute, funky group.

Usually though I don’t post their videos because they tend to make 20-minute long mini-movies with the song embedded (e.g. Lovey Dovey, Cry Cry, Day by Day). Lately though, LOENT has been posting long and short versions on Youtube and this is the short version of “Sexy Love” (slightly alternate version here):

It seems like videos of Korean girls as robots is a trend lately. 🙂 Compared to Wonder Girls’ “Like Money“, this is more of a light-hearted, funky video where they pose as robots and dolls.

One reason why I wanted to post this in particular was to show some support for T-ara, who has been going through a pretty rough time lately due to a split with one former member. The issue has divided T-ara fans and stirred up a lot of negative reactions.

Personally, I tend to favor Eat Your Kimchi’s view of the subject: most of the information people have right now are based on rumors and we’ll never really know what really happened. Fueling the rumors doesn’t help either. It reminds me of the famous Korean monk Wonhyo and the story of the skull. Just because you think you know what’s going on, doesn’t always mean you’re right.

Given that T-ara apologized too, means that the issue is closed in my opinion. They’re young ladies, regular people, and thus prone to make mistakes. They’ve owned up to it, and the KPop career is stressful enough as it is without everyone wishing for their demise.

And thus, I wanted to show support for T-ara and post their latest song, acknowledge their hard work and wish them well in the future.

T-ara 화이팅!

P.S. Somehow this got posted twice. Sorry for any confusion. WordPress app on iPhone is being silly again.


Author: Doug

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