King Tut Ramen!


During our trip to Japan, we had the opportunity to see the King Tut exhibit at Ueno Park’s museum. We had recently seen a similar exhibit in Seattle, but we wanted to see what the one in Japan was like. The Tokyo would have different artifacts and treasures of course. By the way, the Japanese word for King Tut (Tutankhamen) is tsutankāmen (ツタンカーメン). Make a note. 😉

Like Seattle, it was a great exhibit, and were not disappointed. We saw lots of wonderful treasures, and great exhibits (which are fully bi-lingual English/Japanese), but it was super-crowded and pictures were not allowed (sorry).

The gift shop was great too. The one in Seattle mostly had typical souvenirs, but the one in Japan had some very silly ones including King Tut Ramen, as shown above. The ramen is called ツタンカーメンメン, where the extra “men” (麺) comes from “ramen”. They also had ツタンカーメンメン for King Tut masks, since the extra “men” can also mean mask (面).

I really thought this was hilarious, so I started making up words that rhyme with “en” that could be added to Tutankhamen. The exhibit is called ツタンカーメン展 in Japanese, where 展 (ten) means 展覧会 (tenrankai, exhibit). Also, we were in Ueno Park and “park” is called kōen (公園) in Japanese. Also, we took the Keihin-Tōhoku line (sen 線) train (densha 電車) to get there.

So, if you like silly jokes (oyaji gyagu in Japanese), we took the ツタンカーメン電 on the ツタンカーメン線 to the ツタンカーメン展 which was in the ツタンカーメン園 and bought ツタンカーメン麺 as a souvenir.

Ok, sorry. My wife didn’t think it was funny either. 😉

Oh, and the ramen. It came in 3 flavors: shoyu (soy-sauce flavor), miso and salt. All three were good, but the best one seems to have been the shio ramen (salt flavor). I liked them all though.

The packages are now hanging in my cubicle at work

Souvenirs I brought back from the King Tut exhibit at Ueno Park in Japan. Love the ramen jokes.

It is such a funny collaboration to me: King Tut and Japanese ramen. 凄い面白いコラボだと思う。 🙂

We had a great time and it was well worth the visit. If you are in the Tokyo area until January, I highly recommend it. Make sure to get some ramen too. 😉

P.S. Speaking of sodium and good food… 😉


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

4 thoughts on “King Tut Ramen!”

  1. Hi Doug,

    Great comments!
    I went to this exhibit in Osaka (Tenpozan area). I have seen it in SF (the original 1979) and then in LA and SF again. I bought the whole selection of merchandise. Towels, clear folders, puzzles, coloring books, hieroglyphic activities and a few statues. It was really fun to see the Ramen (I preferred the shoyu flavor, chocolate, cookies and other food items.

    Thanks for sharing about it.

    Best regards,

    Bill Eijun Eidson


    1. Hi Rev. Eidson,

      I didn’t realize this same exhibit had been making the circuit for so long. The one in Seattle has similarly going on for many years (an older co-worker of mine said he saw it in the 80s I think).

      Then again, Egyptian artifacts and such aren’t likely to change in 30 years. ;p

      I actually preferred the miso flavor myself and ate it up without sharing (sorry honey).


    1. Honestly, I thought it was worth it. It wasn’t that expensive really, and the exhibit had some things better than Seattle’s, and some things worse. Still, the quality was great, and the lines were not that bad even in the heat. I like ancient civilizations anyway, so perhaps I am biased.


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