Final Fantasy 25 Years!

Aeris and Highwing from FF7
Aeris and the Highwind from Final Fantasy 7, courtesy of

Hi all!

While traveling in Japan, I noticed a lot of posters advertising the 25th year anniversary of the Final Fantasy game franchise. Wow, 25 years. I was 10 years old when the first game came out in the US, Final Fantasy 1, for the old Nintendo 8-bit system, and I loved it. I subscribed to Nintendo Power magazine as well,1 and used its maps to help solve the mysteries of Final Fantasy. I spent many hours of my youth slaying monsters in dungeons. It was a good time to be a nerd. ๐Ÿ™‚

In high school my friend and I would sneak out of school2 and play Final Fantasy 4 at his house for hours on end.

By the way, the “final” in Final Fantasy was supposedly because the main planner Sakaguchi Hironobu was going to quit the game industry if the game didn’t sell well. Or, it comes from the company Square who hoped the game would solve their financial problems.

But 25 years later, the series is immensely successful, and now Square is selling limited edition collections of the entire game series. According to here and here.

I missed the chance to pick up this anniversary pack (assuming I could afford it…), but I still play the classics on my Wii or on my Playstation 1. Here’s some old screenshots of me playing Final Fantasy 1 from before:



The name debu (ใƒ‡ใƒ–) is a nickname my wife gave me. It means “chubby” in Japanese, though in a cuter way. The name hime (ๅงซ) was the nickname I gave my wife. Actually, I still regularly play this game on the Wii from time to time when I have free time. I’m currently stuck in the Earth Cave again. The slow level-building parts can be boring, but it’s a tough game, and the challenge overall makes it fun to play 25 years later.

Also, here’s some old screenshots of Final Fantasy 7 I took a couple years ago:

FF7 Screenshot 2

FF7 Screenshot 3

FF7 is still one of the most amazing games I ever played in terms of its cyber-punk-like story, plus the creativity of the challenges and such. There’s so many hidden side-stories, areas, characters and so on. The game was a genius stroke. When I am not listening to KPop or language-podcasts, I regularly listen to the FF7 soundtrack as well. It was expensive, but worth it.

So anyhow, as a Final Fantasy fan from the beginning, I am very happy to see the franchise still going strong after so many years.

Old gamers never die; they just grow up, have kids, and play the same old games on newer consoles.


1 I am sad to hear that Nintendo Power is finally discontinuing. Andrew from Andrew’s Game Display YouTube Channel does a nice tribute to Nintendo Power magazine showing how the issues evolved over time. I was old enough to vaguely remember the predecessor Nintendo Fan Club News, and had all the issues from Zelda 2 (issue 6 of 7) onward. I wish I still had them, but I am glad to see other people keep the memory alive. Howard Phillips was really an awesome guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 I was a pretty bad student in school all the way until 11th grade. I realized that I wanted to go to college, and I was finally motivated enough to do well in school. Until then, lots of C’s and D’s and almost had a repeat the 7th grade. I was a very unfocused kid with problems at home. It’s strange how things have changed since then.


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