JPop Saturdays: Perfume’s “Fake It”

Wait, whoa. WHOA. Stop everything. Call the President, go to Defcon 2, and scramble the fighter-jets.

Just kidding. Some folks might be surprised to see that I am reviewing a JPop song this week, not KPop. More on that later. For now, allow me to introduce you to a girl group named Perfume and their latest song:

Perfume is a relatively new group in JPop, and I have seen them a lot on Japanese music shows lately. I like their funky, technopop style, plus the fact that they’re cute and stylish without being overtly sexy or risqué.1 As for the song, I love it! This song has that distinct style you often hear in Japanese female-vocalists, and supports this with a really catchy beat.

Also, Perfume is one of the few JPop groups that actively promotes themselves internationally through YouTube and such. KPop is very good at promoting itself internationally, and it’s very easy for me to share new music and such on this blog to other foreigners and such. Music is fun, and something people all over the world can enjoy, even if they don’t understand the lyrics. Music crosses cultural and geographic boundaries.

But the Japanese music industry hasn’t really caught onto this yet, so it’s very hard for me to promote groups like Arashi or Kanjani, even though I like them. The only other group I know that promotes itself internationally is AKB48, and as readers know I am not an AKB fan at all.

So, as I got interested in Perfume lately, I was very happy to see that they represent a new, internationally-focused generation of Japanese music, and I am happy to call myself a fan, and promote their works alongside KPop.

P.S. I highly recommend the song “Hurly Burly” even though there’s no official music video for it (believe me, I looked). I also liked “Spring of Life“, which seems to continue the trend of cute, Asian robotic singers.

1 I have no problem with girl groups being sexy of course, I just think its disappointing when it’s their main selling-point instead of music and such. I can think of a few girl groups like that and it’s too bad. Plus, I try to remind myself that those girls are someone’s daughter and/or sister.


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

9 thoughts on “JPop Saturdays: Perfume’s “Fake It””

  1. I like perfume too, even though they are far from what I usually listen to. Their songs are so catchy and they have great personalities too. I’m pretty sure they’re signed with Amuse, which is all for promoting via the world-wide-web (I don’t know if you like J-rock, but ONE OK ROCK is also with Amuse and that’s how I heard of Perfume). It doesn’t surprise me at all that Arashi and Kanjani8 is hard to find (or that their videos are quickly taken off of youtube), because they’re Johnny’s Entertainment groups and Johnny does things differently, that’s for sure. I like NewS too (for the members, mostly) and it’s so hard to like them legally, which is unfortunate.


    1. Hi Ashley,

      I agree with you: I don’t normally listen to technopop like this, but Perfume is really catchy and markets themselves well.

      I’ve never heard of the record label Amuse, or ONE OK ROCK, but thanks for the information. I will do more research on the subject. The only international group I knew until now was AKB.


    2. Huh, apparently Southern All Stars and Flumpool are two more Amuse groups. Wow, you learn something new everyday…. :p My wife loves Flumpool.

      Clearly, I am out of touch here. ;P


      1. Ah I knew about Flumpool, but not Southern All Stars. Amuse might be as big as Johnny’s Entertainment and probably their biggest rival. They do things differently, but do have some similarities. They sign a lot of young actors as well (like Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru) who take part in traveling shows like SuperLive! and The Game: Boy’s Film Show. Then there’s Amuse Music, which is like any other label.


      2. I don’t know… Johnny’s Entertainment is huge. At least when I visit there, it feels like the dominant record label in Japan, at least for boy-bands. Plus, the singers often go on to become life-long celebrities (e.g. SMAP, Arashi, etc).

        Then again, between KPop and other Japanese labels, perhaps things are changing. A little healthy competition is good in my opinion.


  2. I see. I just think Amuse is making it’s way up and as far as I know, it’s a much younger company. But like I said, they do things differently. The music side of things anyway. Johnny’s auditions kids and molds them into idols, then puts them in groups (and in a lot of cases they don’t really want to be in those groups, at least at first) whereas Amuse signs groups (of all types and genders) that have already formed. I only really find similarities in the acting side of things, because the actors dabble in everything. What we would call triple threats, I guess. Only most Johnny’s variety/stage shows are aired on tv and Amuse’s are just filmed and released on DVD (from what I can tell). I’ve never been to Japan, though, so I only learn through the internet.


  3. Both Jhonny’s and Amuse create really talented actors and actresses..Jhonny’s boybands are cool like Kat-Tun, Hey Say Jump! but Amuse’s rockbands are pretty awesome like One Ok Rock and Flumpool..Amuse has Takeru Sato and Haruma Miura who are really loveable! 😀 just passing by..bored of


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