Hello From Phoenix!

Arizona street

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may have noticed from Twitter, I am staying in the lovely city of Phoenix in Arizona for a business trip. As mentioned previously, I have transferred to a new position in the BOITC (Big Ol’ IT Company) and this trip is to meet with some other new people for training. I’m pretty excited about the change, and I’ve learned quite a lot about parts of the company I knew nothing about, and part of the logistics industry. Really amazing how all that stuff works.

As for Phoenix itself, I have had very little time to explore because I train all day, but it’s really interesting being in a desert right now. The air is so dry compared to rainy Seattle,1 so my nose and my lips are pretty irritated. Plus, i am surprised to see so few trees and so much open space. Seattle has so much rain and trees by comparison. But since the air is so dry and clear, it’s very pretty during sunrise or sunset. Here’s a photo I took of a recent sunrise (I have to go to training before dawn):

Phoenix Sunrise and Venus

The white dot in the middle is the planet Venus,2 the Morning Star. You can really see the stars clearly at night. Plus the temperature is about 34°C which is really comfortable. A couple months ago, I was in Japan, which was also 34°C, but it was so humid that it was very uncomfortable. Arizona is much more comfortable than that even though it is hot. Humidity is definitely a big reason.

But also, it’s interesting to meet a lot of diverse backgrounds and careers. Usually, I work with a lot of engineers like myself, so we tend to have similar lifestyles, etc. but now I meet people from all kinds of jobs and lifestyles. We’ve been having dinner together each night, swapping stories and having a good time.

Meeting all these people also made me learn things about myself too. I realized that I am kind of an uptight, sensitive person sometimes, and need to relax a lot more. I don’t handle adversity as well as I should.

Anyhow, it’s been a good opportunity to get out of my usual environment and see myself from a different perspective. Because a fish spends all of its life in water, it doesn’t notice the water. In the same way, because I have been totally immersed in my routine back home, I sometimes don’t realize how I think and behave, until I am away from there.

1 Reminds me of the 1984 movie, Dune. “Never one drop of rain on Arrakis…”

2 Kinsei (金星) in Japanese, geumseong (금성) in Korean.


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

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