KPop Saturdays: Nu’est’s “Face”

Nu’est (pronounced like English “newest”) is a group I’ve wanted to post about for a while, but couldn’t quite find the right video. Many of their videos are more “cutie boy” and really for the lady fans, but I really liked this one because it was something different, and decided to feature it for this Saturday:

I like this video all-round: it has a catchy song, nice choreography and I thought the scenes of a bullying in Korean schools were interesting, and have a social element to them too.

Nu’est is a popular group, but has bad luck when releasing new songs. They seem to always release them at the same time as other, even more popular groups, so Nu’est often gets overshadowed on the KPop scene. Their fanbase is especially devoted and works hard to promote them, and of course the members work very hard too.

So this Saturday is a tribute to Nu’est and their fans. Enjoy!


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

2 thoughts on “KPop Saturdays: Nu’est’s “Face””

  1. So glad to see someone promoting Nu’est! Somehow I heard about them right when they debuted despite the overshadowing problem you mentioned. They were actually the first Korean group I spent money on to import CDs. I don’t want them to be one of the rookies that fade into oblivion. =)


    1. Hi Lissa,

      I figure if their music is good and they work hard to develop a fan base, they’ll have no problem in the end. AKB48, though not a group I like, is a good example of this. They started from a tiny theater and worked tehy’re way up, one fan at a time. I gotta give them credit for that.

      If Nu’est can do the same, I haveno doubt they’ll avoid fading into oblivion. 🙂


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