KPop Saturdays: Secret’s “Talk That”

Originally I was going to post this as the last KPop video for 2012, but in light of the recent car accident involving the group,1 I felt like moving this up sooner. This week’s KPop Saturday features Secret (시크릿) and their latest song.

Compared to their other recent hit, Poison, “Take That” is a little more subdued and artistic, and has a really nice contrast between the “sexy” scenes and the “sad” ones:

As they point out in their interview, it’s a tale of an angry woman and of revenge:

Secret is a group that’s been around for a couple years, but has undergone a pretty interesting transformation. In their first album, they had a very nice, sweet pin-up girl style image, but in the second image they went for a much more adult style. Like we’ve seen with other groups, they seem to have hit their stride in the second album I think.

One other thing that I really like about Secret: the girls are curvy by KPop standards. There’s a lot of pressure on girls in general to be skinny and “elf-like” in places like Korea,2 but when you see the girls in Sistar or in Secret they help break this image, while being really attractive. When you see Sistar or Secret on screen, they really look like women, not girls, and I respect them for it.

Anyhow, here’s to a restful and speedy recovery to the ladies of Secret.

P.S. Thanks to a recent birthday gift, I purchased Secret’s latest album plus the single “Talk That”, and I think it’s one of the best albums I’ve enjoyed in all of 2012 along with Sistar’s “Alone“. Well worth it. Plus, I like EP albums, as they’re relatively cheap, and less likely to have songs you don’t like.

1 Of the members, it seems Zinger is the most seriously injured. Hoping she gets some much needed rest! 시크릿은 화이팅! 하나씨는 화이팅!

2 Somewhat related, there is an article about member Hyosung’s stress about dieting. I’m sorry to hear these and other girls like them ensuring so much pressure. I hope they get a chance to rest and get away from the pressure for a time. Also here’s wishing them some peace of mind.


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