Japanese Language In Hangeul

Sandara Park Typing Japanese In Hangeul

I follow the ladies of 2NE1 on Twitter and I saw this post by member Sandara Park. She’s very friendly and likes to post on Twitter often, though I can’t always read them. This one caught my attention because it seemed different somehow.

The text is (with Romanization):

5가쯔노 오사카와 아쯔이데스까?

5 gajjeuno osakawa ajjeuideseukka?

This made no sense until I read it out loud. She was typing Japanese using Hangeul. It reads in Japanese: 5月の大阪は暑いですか? (go gatsu no ōsaka wa atsui desu ka? Is Osaka in May hot?)

It’s interesting how Japanese sounds get expressed in Korean Hangeul:

  • Japanese つ (tsu) doesn’t exist in Korean. At all. The closest sound is 즈, 주 or 쯔 (jeu, ju or jjeu). In a Japanese-language book on Korean that I read, it said that “tsu” is the hardest sound for Koreans to pronounce. Me too. ;-p
  • Japanese か (ka) is expressed not as 가 but as 카. This is important because Korean letters have sound-shifts but they don’t on Japanese. 오사가 would sound like “Osaga”, but 카 has no sound shift so it is closer to Japanese “ka”.
  • Unlike Japanese,1 Korean uses spaces between words. The particles の (no) and は (wa) appear at the end of the word but before the spaces.

Anyway, interesting stuff. 🙂

P.S. Have a great weekend everyone!

1 In Japanese, the kanji help determine where one word ends and another begins.


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