Cooking Chicken Katsu Curry: Indian Style!

In my office, I have a lot of friends and co-workers from India, and someone told me about a famous Indian chef named Wah Reh Wah who posts recipes and videos on Youtube frequently. Most of his recipes are Indian recipes, but I learn a lot of really useful tips about how to prepare food, how to use spices, etc.

I was surprised recently when Wah Reh Wah posted a video about how to make Chicken Katsu Curry:

Now, if you know Japanese food,1 you know that katsu curry is a Japanese dish, not Indian. But curry comes from India! Who better to make curry than a professional Indian chef! In this video, Wah Re Wah makes genuine Japanese-style curry from scratch not from the box. I tried it myself and it worked pretty good:

Homemade Chicken Katsu Curry

Because my daughter can’t eat spicy food, I added milk to the curry and lots of honey. My daughter loved it, but my wife and I wanted something more spicy. Still, this was my first time making any kind of curry, so it went better than I expected. 🙂

And if you like this video, check out his Youtube channel. It’s really fun to watch.

P.S. Although English is the common language in India (not Hindi as some may believe), it’s interesting how Indian English is subtly different than American English. For example, “soya sauce”, not “soy sauce”.

1 I learned all about Japanese food from American teriyaki restaurants. When I met my wife, I had to re-learn all over again. ;p


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