Brown Eyed Girls PV: Kill Bill

I haven’t done one of these Kpop posts in a while, but I really thought this one was worth sharing. Recently, the group Brown Eyed Girls put out a new album. Their first video is a video called “Kill Bill”, like the movie of the same name. This is definitely not for kids, but it’s a brilliant parody of the movie:

I liked the fact that they put in the English subtitles too. The song is all about getting revenge on a lover that cheated on her, even if it’s self-destructive revenge. Similarly, the movie Kill Bill was about self-destructive revenge until the very end when the Bride meets her daughter. The other thing I like about this video is that it has a bit more of an asian or “Korean” feel than the movie. For example in the beginning, member Narsha is writing “Bill” in Hangeul: 빌.1 It’s interesting to see what Korean-style calligraphy looks like.

As always, BEG raises the bar on music and creativity. Once again, they did not disappoint. πŸ™‚

As for the movie Kill Bill, I thought it was a great movie until I saw real samurai movies. Then I realized that it wasn’t really that original, and had that annoying “oriental fantasy” feel you sometimes find in Hollywood movies.

Anyhow, enjoy!

P.S. This article makes a good point that Brown Eyed Girls are a lot more sexy and talented that other groups, despite showing less skin, being 10 years older on average than other KPop stars, and not following the standard “mold”.

1 Actually the γ…‚ (pieut) in Korean is a “P” sound at the beginning of words, and “B” in the middle. So if you read it literally, it sounds like “Pill”, not “Bill” in this case. It might have been more correct to write μ‚˜ instead, but that’s not 100% accurate either. Ah, foreign languages are challenging but so interesting. πŸ™‚


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