Merry KPop Christmas

Earlier this month, I was going to write a blog post about how KPop in 2013 has been overall not very good and most big groups have had disappointing new songs, etc.1 Then, on that very same day, I found this song by the ladies of Secret:

I really liked their album Poison and “Talk That”, but since other groups had lackluster comebacks, I wasn’t expecting much. Personally though I thought this was a nice, sweet Christmas-themed song. It’s very aegyo (애교) which means “cutesy” (the closest Japanese word might be kawaii 可愛い) and I usually don’t like aegyo stuff, but this was a good song at a good time of year.

Also, on a serious note, it’s good to see the ladies of Secret have recovered after their car accident last year, especially Zinger (Hana, the girl in the black dress) who had been seriously injured. I wish them good health and safety this coming year.

And for you readers, I wish you all a Merry KPop Christmas. 🙂

As for me? I’m getting some rest and taking the week off and will be posting again after Christmas, so stay tuned!

P.S. Secret did have one other song/video this year (YooHoo), but I guess that one was a bit too aegyo for me.

1 I think Brown Eyed Girls is the only other KPop group this year to have had a good comeback. The rest? Meh.


Author: Doug

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