Adventures With Japanese Sticker Dolls

Here in Seattle, we have a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya, which is a popular bookstore in Japan, but there are only a few in the US. My family and I go there about once a month so we can buy new manga for my daughter (and sometimes for myself), or books for my wife. My daughter also likes to buy stickers there. Kinokuniya sells these puffy stickers from Japan like so:

Japanese Sticker Dolls

Such stickers are not sold in the US. They’re kind of thick, and spongy, and you can play with them like dolls. They often come with little cardboard backgrounds that you can put them characters on, and dress them up. My daughter loves these stickers, and plays “sticker dolls” with Daddy often. We have little characters we made up:

Japanese Sticker Dolls

This is my daughter’s character. The back-story is kind of hilarious: the little girl’s father is the President of the United States, but her parents are separated and she lives in Japan. Also, for some reason, she’s super rich, and she gets most of the kimono stickers, and my daughter keeps reminding me her character “has lots of money”. I don’t know why my daughter made up that story, but it’s funny how children get ideas from the world around them. 🙂

Here’s my character:

Japanese Sticker Dolls

My daughter made up the back-story for her too: she’s Japanese and has less money, so she has to work. She only has 3 kimono while my daughter’s character has 7 kimono, but the two girls are best friends. This our “house”:

Japanese Sticker Dolls

I live on one side, she lives on the other.

Also, recently we bought two more “sticker dolls” which she says are American, but are somehow best friends with the other two girls. The adventures are getting more complicated lately, and we play with the stickers so much, that the adhesive on the back is getting weak so we had to put tape on the back.

Anyhow, sticker dolls are pretty clever because we can mix and match the clothes and items they hold, but are relatively cheap and durable. Before this, we often play with Disney figurines like these and I had to make up different voices and personalities for all the bad guys.1 It was a lot of fun, but she’s tired of that now, and wants to play with “dolls” now.

1 I’ve been thinking of making a comedy YouTube video of the Disney bad guys, but I’m not sure if Disney would approve. Doing the voices of Maleficient (Sleeping Beauty) and Jafar (Aladdin) is especially fun. I also did a good voice for Ursula (Little Mermaid) and Emperor Zurg (Toy Story 2).


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