Lego Refugees

Something fun for Sunday, my daughter made this with Legos:

She said it was a 避難場所 or hinanbasho which means a refugee-center.1 She said all the trees were falling down, so they had to stay in there to be safe.

My daughter and I both like Legos a lot. We watched the Lego Movie together, but she didn’t understand all of it. Still, she thought it was funny, and sometimes sings the main song: Everything is Awesome.2

I played with Legos as a kid, and would often mix my Space Legos and Castle Legos into big armies. Also, I made Legos that looked like Transformers (which was my favorite cartoon at the time).

My daughter prefers the Friends collection of Legos, but she also has lego blocks from when she was a baby. Plus, I have a few Legos as well (Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings) which you can see in the upper-left of the photo. She put them all together in a big refugee-center. We don’t play video games much. Instead, I try to encourage her to do things like this, or make things out of paper.

Playing Legos with my daughter is really fun because she has a good imagination. For example, the turtle Lego in the middle is the Queen. Why? She just is. And there’s a President too, but she’s pregnant. Also, she wants her girl Legos to marry my boy Legos, so we have to do a big wedding ceremony sometimes.

Legos are good daddy-daughter time I think. I always enjoy it. 🙂

1 Because we watch NHK News (Japanese News) on TV daily, I think that’s where she learned about 避難場所. She learned a lot about politics too, not all of it good. :p It’s amazing what 7 year old kids can understand.

2 But she sings songs from the Disney movie, Frozen, a lot more.


Author: Doug

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