Final Fantasy: Then and Now

This is a video the original Final Fantasy game for the Nintendo system, which was released in the US in 1990, and which I often played as a kid:

And this is the trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, released in the US in 2010, and which I started playing recently on the PS3:1

Amazing how much has changed in 20 years! I am an “old-school” gamer (I even own the shirt), but I really do appreciate how much games have improved in that time. FFXIII is pretty different than the D&D-style games I used to play as a kid, but many of the changes have been positive. Characters are better-developed now, stories are more complex, the music is very professional, etc.

Although nostalgia is nice, it’s also nice to see new and better things. We can’t always live in the past. 🙂

P.S. Speaking of FF1, this is a funnier video that someone did where they played through with just a single character (the other three members of the party are left for dead).

P.P.S. On my upcoming trip to Japan, I have a feeling I’ll be hanging out in Akihabara district buying up Final Fantasy memorabilia.

1 I prefer buying games and new consoles long after they come out, so they’re much cheaper. I don’t need to have the latest and greatest. Some really good games are also very old ones. So although the PS3 is 4 years old, I finally purchased one for very cheap, and enjoying every minute of FFXIII. Truly an awesome game. Plus, I love the fact that the main character, Lightning, is a female.


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