What is Eagle Talon?

While in Japan, I was watchign TV with my daughter when I saw this strange, but hilarious show called taka no tsume (鷹の爪) which means “Eagle Talon” or “Hawk Talon”, whatever.1 Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the show started as an online Flash-animation show by one man. He took stock characters from video games and other sources, and reversed roles: the superhero was the rude, arrogant bad buy, while the “bad guys” were actually heroes.

Unfortunately, there is no English translation, but you can see it here:

One of the main good guys looks like M. Bison from Street Fighter in my opinion. Anyhow, in this episode, the “hero” Deluxe Fighter is visiting elderly people for Keiro no Hi (敬老の日, “Respect for the Aged Day”). One of elderly ladies mistakes him for someone she fondly remembers, but when he acts differently, she gets annoyed. He almost blasts her a couple times, but then decides to play along. In the end, she is dying and admits that she know he was only pretending, but appreciates the effort so she gives him all the money she saved up, which was millions of yen. Just as she dies, the good guys revive her with a special raygun and she lives, thus Deluxe Man loses the inheritence money and blasts everyone.

It’s a very silly show, but fun to watch even if you only undersatnd a little Japanese. I watch it on Youtube regularly.2


P.S. Sorry guys, I accidentally hit ‘publish’ button on this post. I’ve re-written this. 🙂

1 The Japanese word for “eagle” is washi as far as I know, so I think the English title is slightly mistranslated. Then again, Hawk Talon is awkward to say. :p

2 Unlike Korean media, Japanese media is usually very strict about licensing and it’s hard for people outside Japan to see it. But thankfully Eagle Talon is different.


Author: Doug

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