Line Rangers as a Metaphor for My Marriage


My wife and I play a game on our smartphones called Line Rangers or rain renjā (lineレンジャー) in Japanese. This is a Japanese game made by Naver JP (a Japanese-division of the Korean company, Naver), but is pretty popular all over Asia. There’s quite a few players in Taiwan and Thailand, it seems. Anyhow, we started about 1-2 months ago, and the game is very addicting. Basically, you collect characters (rangers) and you can train them, and form a team with them. Then you play through levels of monsters. As you fight the monsters, you deploy your characters over and over to form a little army. If you trained them well, you can fight your way through and destroy the enemy tower. You might also win an chance to get more rangers.

Some rangers are very silly. For example, there is one cranky old-man named KSM:


No one knows what “KSM” stands for. But, I did a little research and I think KSM means 恐妻マン (kyōsaiman) which might mean something like “hen-pecked man”. It’s a joke because the ranger is supposed to be a henpecked husband. Kyōsai means the same thing in Japanese, and “man” is based on the English “man” as in “Superman”, “Batman”, etc. But this is just a guess.

My wife and I have different playing styles. I started playing first, and spent a lot of time reading tips and strategy webpages. I pushed through pretty quickly, and got far into the game, but then I stalled for a long time. My wife’s strategy is slower, more cautious. She tends to wake up a night because of the baby, so she plays each night, slowly building up her characters. Her progress is slower, but unlike me, she doesn’t stall for a long time. She makes slow, steady progress. I tend to get lucky on the “random” rangers, but she is better at utilizing the basic rangers she gets. 🙂

We tend to act the same way in real life too. I am impulsive and nerdy, so I are a lot and make lots of strategies. My wife is more cautious and less impulsive, but also more diligent and hard-working. I guess opposites attract, or something.

Line Rangers, like many phone games, can be played for free, but if you spend money, you can get extra characters, abilities, etc. We both agreed that we wouldn’t spend any money. It makes progress a lot slower, but I feel the money spent would not be worth it. Another thing I like about Line Rangers is that friends can help each other out. You can call friends into battle once per 24 hours, and you can also do “friendly” battles with each other. If we had more friends, we could make a team, but for now it’s just the two of us.

Anyhow, Line Rangers is a fun game, but it is a huge time-sink (aren’t they all?), so unless you want to invest a lot of time on it, you might be better off avoiding it. But for my wife and I, it is a fun thing to share together. We sometimes talk about it during the morning over breakfast or at night after the kids are asleep.


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

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