Lego Adventures with my Daughter


Earlier this year, I posted about my daugther’s legos and the stories she makes. My daughter and I play with Legos almost daily, and the stories and characters have changed over time. I own some Star Wars legos, and Pirates of the Carribean legos, plus a few others. She likes to mix my legos with her Lego Friends series and make a big Lego “village”.

For example, one of the girl legos is the “Queen” and “President”:

Lego President

She doesn’t really understand the difference between “queen” and “president”, so she thinks they are the same. Also, she changes presidents often. My Lego Star Wars storm-troopers are the helpers (they’re good, not evil). Here, the current president is enjoying a salad. Her two babies are in the front of the photo.

Also, here’s the former president eating dinner with her husband:

Legos Dining

The husband is my Lego figure, but she likes to make my Lego characters (usually male) marry her legos. She made the house and everything herself. They have a baby too. You can see it in the blue box on the left.

In another story, there is a Lego garbage collector (something I bought from the Lego Movie), who has a crush on one of the lego girls, but is too shy to say anything. These are the kinds of stories she likes to make. 🙂

Further, she will have large community events too. Here, the Queen/President organized a concert for the town:


For some reason, the Lego Friends series has been controversial among some people, but at least in my daughter’s case she has been able to make it work. For her, she enjoys being a girl, but also enjoys being a leader too and having “girl” Legos be friends with “boy” Legos.

I think adults can learn a lot from children, instead of arguing with one another.


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

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