Setsubun 2015 Fail


I wanted to post a funny video my wife took for this year’s Setsubun holiday. As readers might remember, there is a tradition called mamemaki (豆まき) which kids often do. Someone wears a mask to look like an oni ( 鬼, “ogre”) and kids will throw roasted soybeans at them. Kids will recite “oni wa soto!” meaning “oni go out!” followed by “fuku wa uchi” or “luck come in!”.

I always dress up as the oni every year. This is the video from 2 years ago:

…and here’s this year’s video:

If you listen carefully you can hear me hit my head at 00:19. You can’t see it from the video, but our barbecue grill is there, and while pretending to die, I hit my head on the edge of the handle. It really hurt.

Also, Princess is now 8 years old, and she throws those beans pretty hard. 😉

So that’s Setsubun 2015 at our house. How was your Setsubun? 😛


Author: Doug

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