Enjoy the Spring!

Another great poem by Li Shangyin (李商隐, 813-858):

To Tzu-Chih: “Among the Flowers”

The light on the pool suddenly hides behind the wall,

Mingled scents of flowers invade the room.

On the edge of screen, powder smeared by the butterfly;

On the lacquered window the yellow print of the bee. 

Push those state papers across to the clerks. 

There’s a maid for every honest servant. 

Let’s ride abreast and hear each other’s poems. 

What’s so urgent about this business you waste your heart on?

(Trans by A.C. Graham)

Happy Spring, everyone!

P.S. For readers in the Southern Hemisphere, happy Autumn!

P.P.S. The previous poem


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

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