Great Quote from the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras

(Edit: Typo fix, December 2017)

Since my recent purchase of a Buddhist text called the 8,000-line Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, I’ve been reading bits here and there, and found a great quote I wanted to share from chapter XI:

Because the Lord [Buddha] has said: “I do not praise any kind of rebirth in becoming, because it lasts no longer than a finger-snap.  For everything that is conditioned¹ is impermanent.  Anything that may cause fear is ill.  All that is in the triple world² is empty.  All dharmas are without self.  When the wise have understood that all this is thus devoid of eternity, impermanent, ill, doomed to reversal, then just here they should attain the fruits of the holy life, from the fruit of a Stream-winner to Arhatship.

(pg. 168, Professor Edward Conze)

I think this is a very articulate expression of Buddhist impermanence.  🙂

P.S.  Been really busy with on call from work plus sick child, so been falling behind on blog posting.  More posts to come soon.

¹ Here “conditioned” means it was created through external causes and conditions.  Basically, all phenomena both physical and abstract (thoughts, feelings, etc).

² The Triple World is a common Buddhist phrase meaning the “world of sense desire”, the “world of form” and “the formless world”.  Basically reality in all its permutations.


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