Star Trek Exhibit!

Hello Dear Readers,

I am still catching up on my blog posts after a busy couple of weeks, but first I wanted to talk about a recent adventure with daughter and I at the EMP Museum, which has a 50th anniversary exhibit for Star Trek.

As readers might know, I am a big Star Trek fan. The Star Wars franchise is easier to share with the kids, and I enjoy it too, but grew up more with Star Trek and I’ve always enjoyed it in a more personal way. So, it was nice that my wife encouraged me to go and take our daughter (who is a scifi fan like her father) with me.

The exhibit mainly shows props and set pieces from the various Star Trek shows and movies. Here’s the main bridge from the original show:


It’s funny seeing the original prop pieces, mostly painted wood, some plastic, etc. They’re definitely showing their age, but at the same time they still look cool.

A lot of the props like tricorders and such were also made out of wood:




Even the old Klingon battle-cruisers were apparently wooden models:


Speaking of Klingons, it was cool seeing such things as the Klingon costumes:


Khan’s costume from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:


…and costumes from Star Trek: The Next Generation:


Finally, at the end of the exhibit one could sit in the “captain’s chair”. Here’s me looking thoughtful and captain-y:


It was a cool chair because it had all the switches, and was pretty comfortable too. Unfortunately the little data “cards” were glued to the chair, so I couldn’t hold them.

It was a great afternoon to spend with my daughter. I was surprised how interested she was in the whole thing. Later, she wanted to watch the old movies, so over that weekend (when Little Guy was ill) we watched Star Trek II through IV. She is probably one of the few 9 year old girls who knows the “KKKHHHAANNN” reference, and even knows what Klingons are.


P.S.  Double-post today.



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