Little Guy Home Sick

Hello Readers,

Recently my two year old son (a.k.a. “Little Guy”) came down with a case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. It started after the Memorial Day weekend at a party we went to with some friends, and other kids got sick at the same time as my son.

We knew nothing about the disease until after Little Guy started acting irritable and showing small red spots on his legs and hands. The doctor confirmed that Little Guy had the disease and that he would be highly contagious until all the sores healed. That usually takes up to a week.

Right then and there, our plans for the week were over. Little Guy missed his soccer class, I had to work from home for the week in case I got sick too, and we couldn’t take him anyplace in public for fear of getting other kids sick.

The good news is that Little Guy was never seriously ill. Many children get painful sores in their mouths and can’t even drink fluids because it hurts so much. Somehow Little Guy somhow avoided that. He ate and drank fine, and was pretty healthy overall. My wife fed him a lot of soba noodles because they contain zinc, which supposedly is good for when you are ill. Although he is a picky eater, he does like noodles quite a bit. Here is a photo of him playing with his toys. 

But the experience made me pause and think about how easily something expected like an illness or some other problem can completely interrupt your life. This was a mild illness and was gone in a week (just like the doctor predicted), but imagine if it had been something even worse like a car accident, serious illness or job loss. 

People always expect such things to happen to someone else, but in truth, they can happen to anyone. 


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

5 thoughts on “Little Guy Home Sick”

  1. Isn’t this an example of one of “Buddha’s Five Remembrances?” …..”I am of the nature to have ill health. There is no way to escape ill health.” It’s just harder to except when it involves children, especially when they are our own. It strikes deeper inside us and tugs at our true nature of caring, nurturing, and love. The worse thing that can happen to a parent is to have a child in peril.


    1. Pretty much. As an adult if you get ill, that’s one thing but seeing a defenseless child get sick is much harder.

      I remember my daughter when she was age one (now nine) had a bad fever for a few days and was miserable. It stressed us out a lot.


  2. Our daughter just went through the same illness. Hers lingered for a couple of weeks. Even though I work from home, an unexpected illness can very quickly turn things upside down!


  3. Doug,

    Glad to hear the Little Guy, and the rest of you fared well on this.

    I am many decades older than he is, and with several major health problem. As these things settle into a pattern where one of them is the Big Deal of the Moment, I meditate with more focus than usual and try to let go…and I achieve some degree of success. Then – wop, boom, bam – and one of the something elses crashes into the picture. And I begin again, but not quite at zero.

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