While People Go About Their Day…


Buddhism teaches a concept called śūnyatā sometimes translated as emptiness. This means:

  1. All phenomena, both physical and abstract, arise due to external causes and conditions. Things don’t just pop into existence on their own. 
  2. Thus, all things, both abstract and physical, are impermanent because they’re sustained by those external causes and conditions until such time as they are not. 
  3. Also, because of #1, all things relate to one another either directly or indirectly. 

While watching the BBC video above on the ongoing battle for Mosul, I couldn’t help but think how we are all connected by this conflict. What happens in one part of the world affects us all in some way. What we do in our daily lives affects others in some way halfway across the world. 

It’s important to consider one’s actions snd how they mighy affect others. Also, it is important to hold others around the world  in our thoughts as we go about our day. 


Author: Doug

A fellow who dwells upon the Pale Blue Dot who spends his days obsessing over things like Buddhism, KPop music, foreign languages, BSD UNIX and science fiction.

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