Blog Updates: May 2018

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to post some updates about the blog, video channel, etc.

First, I decided to delete my personal Facebook account. I did this in protest of the misuse of personal data by Facebook, among other reasons, but I apologize in advance for people who had subscribed to the Facebook page. For those who like to follow along though, I still maintain a Twitter feed at @klingonbuddhist. At some point, you get diminishing returns with extra social-media accounts to manage, and I’m pretty happy with what I have now.

Second, I am working on getting back to a regular cadence both on the blog and on the video channel. I haven’t figured out exactly what that cadence will be, but I will definitely keep people posted.  I feel like I have suffered “writer’s block” for the last few months, probably since the start of 2018, but as mysteriously as it came, it also seems to have disappeared.  I am looking forward to posting new content both here and on Youtube, and maybe making a new Beginner Buddhism series to replace the original season 1 and 2 I made (hopefully with better quality videos ☺ ).

Finally, I may be expanding the blog to not just talk about narrow Buddhist topics, but may expand to other cultural and language topics (or just nerdy subjects) as appropriate.  I used to do that for the old blog, but when I started this one, I felt it was necessary to focus on Buddhism only.  However now a couple years have passed and I might branch out again, or possible spin off a second non-Buddhist blog. Time will tell.

Anyhow, thanks as always for your support and your continued interest. ☺



Taking An Unexpected Break

Hello Dear Readers,

Some family stuff has come up recently and I am taking some time away from the Youtube Channel and blog as a result. I hope to be back as early as next week, but I am not entirely certain.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Thank you Youtube Subscribers!

I am grateful to all the subscribers on my Youtube channel.  1000 subscribers may not seem like much by Internet standards, but this is a channel about a guy sitting in front of a wall, talking about the Four Noble Truths, so I can’t tell you how happy I am that the channel has grown this much.

As with the blog, thank you all for your support and your comments and best wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Dear Readers,

Hope you have a great day, wherever you are, surrounded by loved ones. 

This year, I am thankful to have a new job I enjoy, two lovely children and the Buddhist path. Overall it’s been a good year even with some roadbumps. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. My kids made the artwork above in school. Princess made the “tree” on the left. Little Guy made the turkey on thr right.