Taking An Unexpected Break

Hello Dear Readers,

Some family stuff has come up recently and I am taking some time away from the Youtube Channel and blog as a result. I hope to be back as early as next week, but I am not entirely certain.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.



Where’s Doug Been?

I know folks have been standing around wondering “hey, where’s Doug”? Well, wonder no more:

I went on my yearly trip to Japan and talk about some of the experiences in this video. I’ll be also talking about specific things more here in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

Thank you Youtube Subscribers!

I am grateful to all the subscribers on my Youtube channel.  1000 subscribers may not seem like much by Internet standards, but this is a channel about a guy sitting in front of a wall, talking about the Four Noble Truths, so I can’t tell you how happy I am that the channel has grown this much.

As with the blog, thank you all for your support and your comments and best wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Dear Readers,

Hope you have a great day, wherever you are, surrounded by loved ones. 

This year, I am thankful to have a new job I enjoy, two lovely children and the Buddhist path. Overall it’s been a good year even with some roadbumps. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. My kids made the artwork above in school. Princess made the “tree” on the left. Little Guy made the turkey on thr right. 

Yup, It’s Burnout

Angelo Trezzini - A Tired Seamstress

Hey Folks,

After some drama a couple months ago when I left my old Buddhist temple, and gave up my aspirations for ordination, I was really eager to strike it out on my own and continue doing a lot of Buddhist education, and exploring my own Buddhist path.

Not surprisingly this started to lose steam within a few weeks.  I have been making more Buddhist videos on the Youtube channel since then, and I enjoy that, but at the same time, I am finding it difficult to find new topics and inspiration.  I haven’t made much progress on a book I wanted to write (which my loving wife has also been encouraging me to do) either, and I have been having trouble finding new inspiration and new things to talk about here.

It’s not really related to parenting or work, just a lack of motivation.

Looking back, I think this is a sign I have burned out.  The drama this past year really stressed me out and I find I just can’t pick up a Buddhist book these days, unless I force myself to.  Most nights, when I would normally be updating the blog, I spend on the PS3 or just tweaking my Magic: The Gathering decks.¹

So, I just haven’t really found anything Buddhist yet to fill the void I left behind with the old temple and path.  There are a fair number of temples in the Greater Seattle area, but as you might expect, I haven’t had the motivation to start all over again and get involved in another community and deal with any politics therein.

Then again, maybe I just don’t want to.  I mean, I have my wonderful wife and kids, and am surrounded by good friends these days, so do I really need anything beyond that?

One thing that does bother me a little bit, though, is that my Buddhist practice has totally fallen off.

I wasn’t very persistent about with Buddhist practice to begin with, but even that little bit has totally dropped away. I simply can’t bring chants like the nembutsu or the odaimoku to my lips when I try to recite something, because both are so doctrinally loaded.  I don’t want to meditate either due to the hidden pressure to find a qualified instructor which in turn would mean I need to get involved in a community again (see above).

So, I guess I don’t really know what to chant, recite, study these days.  Like I said before, I think when the inspiration comes again, this will probably resolve itself too.  Until then, I still just generally try to live a good, Buddhist life of tolerance, goodwill and wholesome conduct.

Also, my Magic decks will get some much needed attention. ;-p

¹ I have been playing with friends at work for the past year or so.  Been enjoying the new Kaladesh set quite a bit.